3-4-5-6-7-8-10 etc...tegen 14.073 duiven ( 2017 )   1e NPO - RUFFEC tegen 1444 duiven ( 2017 )   1 & 2 tegen 2266 duiven - Boxtel ( 09-04-2016 )   7e & 10e NPO tegen 5472 duiven - Quiverain (1-9-2015)   1e tegen 2544 duiven - Boxtel (15-8-2015)   1e tegen 1892 duiven - Tessenderlo (8-8-2015)   2e & 3e tegen 2800 duiven - Boxtel (1-8-2015)   1e tegen 951 d. - Morlincourt (18-7-2015)   1e tegen 2447 duiven - Boxtel ( 11-4-2015 )   4-9-24-32-35 NPO tegen 9044 Jonge duiven - Asse Zellik ( 16-08-2014 )   5-6-14 tegen 9497 Jonge duiven - Tessenderloo ( 09-08-2014 )    2-3-4-15 NPO tegen 4.387 duiven - Tessenderloo ( 28-6-2014 )   9e tegen 4663 duiven - Sint Quentin ( 21-06-2014 )   15e & 39e NPO tegen 5588 duiven - Gien ( 21-06-2014 )   1e tegen 2331 d. - Quievrain ( 17/05/2014 )   6e tegen 2246 d. - Hapert ( 03/05/2014 )   8 / 7051 d. Hapert ( Natour )   1-7-8-9 tegen 2245 d. Wijchen ( Natour )   12 & 15 NPO - POMMEROEUL JONGE DUIVEN!!   (11-5-2013) 9e NPO - St Truiden | 10.715 Duiven   

About us

Combinatie Poelman from Erica consists Ep Poelman (62), married with two children. He is on the basis of the Black Power pigeons. Harco Poelman is 35 years old, married and no children. He runs his own company in website management and owns the website www.duivenvlucht.nl. Since 2008 he is an integral part of the Combinatie as a site manager and PR man behind the scenes.

Ep Poelman was raised among the pigeons. The son of one of the largest pigeon champions of the last century in Drenthe - Erica, comrade, milkman and father Roef Poelman, the best teacher ever. In those years Ep got an invite of  the combination G. Doek & son to be their counselor of the loft. In no time this combination was champion. The competition was not to fear, Think of men like G.Koopman and son and Harm Vredeveld. Legendary are the performances of the "44" and "45" which were driven by Ep to great heights. They won everything they wanted to win!

After some years Ep started on his own again. Within a short time successes came back . A result from Bourges is still in our memory. 13 and 13 with price, which was 1 in the association and the first 20 minutes in front to the second. And it was not an easy flight, more than 12 hours competition time. And then of course the NL97-5751203 flew a first price including a first in the Division of Orleans and North Fond Club. And then of course 1996-4306736, which won a first Orleans in the Fondclub as a yearling, that one was purchased by Gerard Koopman and  immediately he won the first middle distance and a first NPO price.  A known saying of Ep itself "if one is not there, the other ones will".  Some superbirds were born on this loft like "Superace 660" was first * PROV. ACE AFD. F 1996 * The first Ace Circle Veen Region in 1996 * The second Ace Circle Veen Region 1995. Then offcours the worldfamous "Black Power" won 1st Etampes - d. 2065 (581 km). And many-many-many more...

Due personal circumstances in the family Ep had a forced sale in 1997. It shows the fancier Ep Poelman that, because of grief over the forced sale that he was not present that day. Many fanciers famous fanciers came over to buy these superbrids.

The famous Gerard Koopman bought the "Black Power"  &  Black Power Lady these 2 superbirds breed some unique pigeons like:

  • EMPEROR QIN - 1e World champion youngsters
  • AMORÉ - 1e National Acepigeon NPO
  • POWERBOY - 12e National Acepigeon NPO
  • WONDER LADY -1e Nat. Orleans NPO 5.163 - 18e Houdeng 22.403 - 20e Beek 6.627 - 39e Boxtel 5.079 - 39e Maaseik 4.725 and Mother to "Shiva" vloog 4 Ablis 13.022 - 4e Chimay 2.658 - 9e Boxtel 12.955
  • LEI - 2de Bourges 7.155 - 2de Maaseik 3.522 - 3de Niergnies 10.174 - 3de Reims 2.792
    Mother to "J.D. Action" - 2de Million Dollar Race 2008 and mother to "Young Dream"

Black Power 

Black Powerlady

And the brothers Leideman, Harm Vredeveld and Foppe van der Meer were moving along. Foppe van der Meer bought the " Superas 660" and raised the very best from him. He gave many extra birds including "Shaquile" (2 x teletext) "the 620" (2 x 1st in big) and grandfather of the fourth best cock in the Netherlands 2007. And sister of the "Superas 660" was grandmother of one of the best pigeons Pigeons ever he had in its possession, "The Three Bander".

After this successful period, Ep had no pigeons for a longtime. Until he returned to live in Erica, next to an old neighbor with pigeons known Jos van der Kolk. After some discussion Ep became the caretaker of the loft of Jos van der Kolk. The successes came back soon. Jos his focus was on the long distance (overnight)

Under the leadership of Ep, the following successes came along:

2nd National Creil
5th Sector Ruffec
2nd Sector Ruffec
11 th Sector Ruffec
9th National St. Vincent. (2 co).
11th National St. Vincent (note 3).
12th Federal Competition Bordeaux.

This is just one of many prizes. Although the visor was on the long distance we won the first five prizes on a sprint race in the club . Even in the year 2002 we won the sprint Championship.

Other lovers of pigeons perform well with the combination. Reference has already Gerard Koopman, Harm Vredeveld and Foppe van der Meer, but not yet mentioned is that in Aike Jan Veninga: a first distance from Alberton club Limoges graduated with a descendant of the loft. It had to be an 1st national , but because of late reporting this bird was disqualified in the national competition. Peter Snijders: 1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2005 and second in District 10 Champion Long Distance 2005 FNN-day etc. ..... This pigeon comes from "The Jan " full brother "Black Power".

We won in the last few years following prizes on our new adresse:

1e AFD/NPO 10 - 11.572 p.
2e NPO - 4.387 p.
3e NPO - 4.387 p.
4e NPO - 4.387 p.
4e NPO - 9.042 p.
4e AFD 10 - 5.579 p.
5e AFD 10 - 9.496 p.
5e AFD 10 - 12.216 p.
6e AFD 10 - 9.496 p.
6e AFD10 - 3.593 p.
7e NAT. - 5.488 p.
7e NAT. - 6.718 p.
8e AFD 10 - 7.051 p.
9e NPO - 10.715 p.
9e AFD 10 - 8.161 p.
9e NPO - 9.042 p.
9e AFD 10 - 4.663 p.
10e NAT. - 5.488 p.
11e AFD 10 - 10.186 p
14e AFD 10 - 9.496 p.
15e NPO - 6.885 p.
15e NPO - 5.606 p.
15e NPO - 4.387 p.
15e AFD 10 - 8229 p.
17e AFD 10 - 8229 p.
10e Nationaal Frankfurt an der Oder
12e en 15e NPO - Pommeroeul

Now u have little idea who we are and what we fly, but if u want to know more about our pigeons please contact us.

Or leave a message in the guestbook.